Who We Are:

  Teabull Asset Timer Ltd is a Market Timing Company based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Anthony Waller:

A veteran of Market Timing, Anthony brings innovative, powerful trading systems to Teabull. As chief Developer, Anthony is the driving force behind Teabulls trading algorithms. Anthony, has been a self-taught market timer for over 10 years and an avid investor for 30 years. Anthony took his post-secondary studies at British Columbia Institute of Technology in Canada for Marketing Management with an option in Real Estate Finance. Anthony started trading back in 1987, and like most traders then, was told just to invest and the stock market would just keep going up. Well this happened to be true for about 13 years until the 2000-2003 Tech Bubble blew up and cost many investors a large portion of their portfolios, Anthony being one of them. Upset by this, Anthony was determined to not let this happen to him again. He also wanted to devise trading systems that could help others avoid such a nasty trap. This is when he started to develop his trading strategies, at first they were not too successful. However, through perseverance and hard work he devised three diverse sets of trading Strategies for the short, intermediate, and the long term. And within each strategy he further developed four trading systems for diverse Asset Classes. These trading systems in four diverse Asset Classes for each Strategy involve using diversification to mitigate the large swings (volatility) which can occur from investing in a single Asset. The four Asset Classes by name are the major US Stock Markets, US Government Bond Market, US Dollar Index and the Precious Metal Stock Market. By investing in all four of these Asset Classes together traders often enjoy steady returns while limiting the amount of volatility within their portfolios. Anthony’s goal is to help investors enjoy steady investment returns while avoiding the devastation of losing a third or more of their portfolios during bear markets and financial calamities.  

Matthew Waller:

As CEO of Teabull Asset Timer Ltd, Matthew is an enthusiastic entrepreneur who brings a strong financial, programming, and marketing background to the enterprise. Chief among Matthew’s responsibilities are building client relations, strategic development, and website development. Before taking on the position of Chief Executive with Teabull, Matthew operated his own Accounting Firm for 10 years. Matthew completed his post-secondary studies at British Columbia Institute of Technology in Canada for Financial Management (FMGT) where he received his bachelor degree in Accounting.  

3rd Party Proof

All of our Results are verified by independent 3rd Party TimerTrac.com. This will give you the added security knowing that our Results are based on real time trading and not manufactured in someone’s virtual back office and presented to you.